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A Customized Plan Designed for Your Needs

Hire A Maid provides an initial free in-home consultation to determine your specific needs and to develop a cleaning plan that is tailored for you and your home. If you have (or had) a cleaning service, we like to learn what you liked or disliked about your previous house cleaners. Together, we’ll determine how best we can meet your needs and expectations.

Our flexible scheduling includes service weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or ‘any time you need us’. Whether it’s a whole-home weekly cleaning, a one-time comprehensive spring cleaning or a regular mini-cleaning of those areas you’d rather not clean yourself (e.g. the kitchen and bathrooms), our customized approach means that Hire A Maid always has a cleaning plan that’s right for you!

To request an in-home consultation, simply call us at either of the numbers shown above, or click here.