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Privacy Policy

Keeping your personal information in strict confidence is an integral part of Hire A Maid’s service excellence commitment to you. Hire A Maid will not use or disclose information about you to any third party without your written consent, except where required by law or as authorized to do so by the Privacy Act.

Hire A Maid may collect and store information about you in written and/or electronic format. Electronic information is stored in a password-protected software program, and both written and electronic client information are held in a secure location with controlled access.

Personal information, which includes but is not limited to name, address and telephone number, is shared with employees on a “need to know” basis. All employees of Hire A Maid sign an acknowledgement of our requirements to keep client information confidential and secure, and to use it only to fulfill the requirements of their employment with Hire A Maid.

Personal information may be used by Hire A Maid to:

  • Fulfill our cleaning service commitment to you
  • Establish and manage customer relations with you
  • Review the products and services that we provide you
  • Inform you of our products and services that you do not currently hold
  • Comply with applicable law or regulatory requirements
  • Any other reasonable purpose to which you consent

When you provide Hire A Maid personal information on our website (such as when you complete our online Request Estimate Form or our Employment Application Form), this information is encrypted and is securely transmitted to us. To confirm that information is secure, verify that a closed lock is shown at the bottom of the information entry form on our website.

When you browse or download information from our website, our servers automatically collect standard information used to assess site traffic patterns and ways to improve the site. Standard information collected during the use of our site may include:

  • Pages visited on the site
  • Dates, times and length of site access
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computers used
  • Originating Internet Service Provider name

You cannot be personally identified from this standard information collected while using our website.

From time to time, Hire A Maid may temporarily disclose client information to an authorized agent of Hire A Maid for the purposes of evaluating our business effectiveness and/or recommending product or service improvements or opportunities. Authorized agents are carefully selected by Hire A Maid and must have privacy and security standards that meet our strict requirements.

Hire A Maid takes care to keep personal information accurate, complete and up-to-date. If your personal information changes, please inform us. Upon request, we will provide you with access to your personal information held by Hire A Maid. You can ask how your information is used or disclosed, ensure it is accurate and complete, and update it as needed, subject to the restrictions provided by law.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact Hire A Maid at:

Hire A Maid Housecleaning Services Inc.
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Whitby, Ontario, L1N 2J5
Local: 905-668-4243
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