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5 Germ Hotspots Lurking in Your Office

Despite the assumption that germs are mainly found in office washrooms, the fact is they can be found on virtually any surface throughout your office. Germs and harmful bacteria can easily spread from one space to another. The list of germ hotspots includes elevator buttons, light switches, doorknobs, faucets, fridge doors, microwaves, kettles, coffee makers, tables, chairs and countertops. 

While handwashing is helpful in preventing the spread of germs, it’s also important to regularly disinfect the high-touch surfaces in the workplace. When germs or unsanitary conditions negatively impact the health of your employees, this also affects productivity. So, is it possible to keep germs from lurking around in your office? What are the proper steps to take? An effective way to tackle this problem is to hire a reliable commercial cleaning company to sanitize and disinfect your office in Oshawa regularly. Read on to learn more!


Where can I find a top-rated commercial cleaning company in OshawaHow should I clean my office to reduce germs? 

The key to effective office cleaning is to tackle high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces where germs tend to gather and thrive. Let’s take a look at the top workplace germ hotspots, and what proactive cleaning and disinfecting can do to help keep your staff healthy.


1. Elevator Buttons & Light Switches

Elevator buttons and light switches can be a major source for germs that spread across the building. Regularly disinfecting these areas will help to reduce contamination of other surfaces in your workplace.


2. Door Handles

Door handles are a breeding ground for germs because they love the constant touch of warm hands. With people entering and leaving your premises every day, it’s no surprise that door handles are active hotspots for germs and viruses.

Washroom door handles tend to get the most attention, however, all handles or knobs on doors, cupboards, drawers and appliances should be sanitized and disinfected as part of your maintenance cleaning routine.


3. Faucets

According to germ experts, the highest level of contaminants are found on faucets. Germs can quickly build up on faucets in the office kitchen and washroom. For this reason, regularly disinfecting faucet handles is as important as washing your hands.


4. Meeting Room Tables & Chairs

Meeting rooms are shared spaces that need extra attention in order to minimize the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. Regularly disinfecting tables and the armrests on chairs will provide a healthy space for staff and clients.


5. Coffee Makers & Kettles

Coffee makers and kettles are frequently used items in an office. While workers are enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, they might also be preparing and consuming lunch or snacks in the office kitchen. Prioritize the health of your employees by adding these appliances to your maintenance cleaning checklist to ensure the exterior surfaces are regularly disinfected. 


commercial cleaning company oshawaWhere can I find a top-rated commercial cleaning company in Oshawa?

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