Terms of Service

1. EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: Hire A Maid provides all cleaning supplies and equipment for move-in/out, post-renovation, and other one-time or occasional cleaning services.

Our solo cleaning staff often travel by public transit and, therefore, we ask that you please supply: a well-functioning vacuum, mop & bucket, toilet brush, a minimum 20-pack of microfibre cleaning cloths and any heavy-duty or specialty cleaners that you require for mold & mildew or grease build-up removal. (Our office can provide you a complete list of recommended products and supplies, and the best place to buy these.)

2. ACCESS TO YOUR HOME: In our experience, the most efficient and problem-free way to access your home on your cleaning day is to install a lock box on your property for our staff to retrieve and return your key to afterward, and to provide a guest alarm code if you have a home security system. If our staff are unable to gain access to your home, a lock-out fee equal to $80 for an initial visit or 50% of your regular cleaning fee will apply.

3. EXCLUSIVITY OF SERVICE: Hire A Maid goes to considerable expense to recruit, screen, hire and train its cleaning staff. Should you wish to hire any of our current or former cleaning staff within 24 months of your last Hire A Maid cleaning appointment, a $2,500 referral fee will apply. By using Hire A Maid services, you confirm your acceptance of all Terms of Service, including this referral fee.

4. RESCHEDULING/CANCELLATION POLICY: If you need to change or cancel an appointment, please inform our office at least 48 business hours before your scheduled cleaning visit. If less than 48 business hours notice is provided, a late cancellation fee equal to $80 for an initial visit or 50% of your regular cleaning fee will apply.

5. PAYMENT: Payment in full is due on cleaning day. For the initial cleaning, a credit card is required to confirm the appointment and a hold (not a charge) will be placed on your credit card 48 business hours prior to the visit for the estimated amount of the cleaning.

For payments by email money transfer, this hold will be released upon receipt of your payment. If payment is not received within 48 hours of the cleaning, or in the event of a lock-out or late cancellation, your credit card will be charged for the balance owing.

6. RECURRING SERVICE DISCOUNTS AND DELAYED CLEANINGS: Should you need to skip or delay your regularly scheduled visit, more time is typically required on our next visit to ensure the high standard of cleaning you want, and additional charges will apply.

7. BEFORE OUR VISIT: To give you the greatest value possible, we ask you to take a few minutes before our visit to put away clothing, toys, and other precious or personal items. Please let us know within 48 business hours of your cleaning if you would like Hire A Maid to customize your house cleaning service to include tidying and de-cluttering; additional charges will apply.

Should our cleaning staff discover on cleaning day that there is an added requirement to tidy before cleaning can occur, our office will be in touch to obtain your approval for this additional service or to prioritize tasks to be completed within the scheduled appointment. In the event that we are unable to reach you, our cleaning staff will complete what they can within the maximum scheduled time.

8. VALUABLES: To eliminate any potential for accidents, we ask that valuables, collectibles, heirlooms and other precious items be put away before our visit. If you are aware of any potential perils in your home (e.g., a loose picture frame), please be sure to bring it to the attention of our office. Hire A Maid is not responsible for accidental breakage of precious items that the office was not informed in advance to exclude, or which was not put away during the cleaning.

9. NORMAL WEAR & TEAR: Hire A Maid shall not be held responsible for direct or consequential damage resulting from normal wear and tear or defective household parts that fail during the course of our routine cleaning.

10. BREAKAGE: Hire A Maid carries a $2 million general liability insurance policy. In the rare event of breakage, Hire A Maid takes responsibility for direct damage caused by us (with the exception noted in #8 above) by either repairing, replacing or reimbursing for the damaged item. If appropriate, insurance claims will be filed.

Hire A Maid is not responsible for accidental breakage of precious items that the office was not informed in advance to exclude, or which was not put away during the cleaning.

11. PETS: Our cleaning staff love pets. However, for safety reasons, if your pet is aggressive, please ensure they are secured on cleaning day. To build trust and acceptance by your pet, we recommend your presence during our initial cleaning for your pet to meet our staff us under most comfortable circumstances.

12. PESTS OR UNBEARABLE ODOURS: For health & safety reasons and to protect the interests of all Hire A Maid clients and staff, Hire A Maid will not clean in any home that has an insect or rodent infestation, or possesses an unbearable odour. Should any sign of infestation be observed, or unbearable odour experienced, cleaning will immediately cease and a late cancellation fee will apply.

13. SAFETY: Ensuring the health & safety of our cleaning staff is essential to our success. Because we care about our cleaning staff’s well-being, they in turn go the extra mile to make you our customer happy.

To provide a safe work environment, we kindly ask that our office be notified prior to cleaning day of any potential hazards in your home. These may include, but are not limited to, aggressive pets, biohazards (bodily fluids, pet or rodent feces, insect infestations, flu, use of needles, etc.), or construction work underway. To prevent back injury, we also ask that cleaning staff not be asked to move or lift heavy furniture. Hire A Maid will remove our staff from environments deemed to be unsafe, in which case normal cleaning charges will apply.

In the winter, we ask that walkways and driveways be well-salted and cleared of snow and ice to prevent slips and falls of our cleaning staff.

14. CLEANING BEHIND APPLIANCES: Cleaning staff will clean behind appliances that are already pulled out. For health & safety and insurance reasons, we are unable to move your appliances ourselves.

15. ADDITIONAL WORK: We are always pleased to assist you with your additional cleaning requirements. Simply contact us 48 hours before your next appointment so that we may schedule additional time to complete the extra tasks. Additional charges will apply.

16. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Hire A Maid provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If ever you are not completely satisfied, please let our office know within 24 hours and we will return to make it right — at no additional charge.

In the event that you requested the cleaning time and budget be limited to less than that recommended by Hire A Maid, our staff will work through your list of priorities to complete only what is possible in the time approved; in this case, we are unable to offer our Satisfaction Guarantee.

To ensure that your feedback is recorded in our computer system and included in your cleaning plan going forward, please always provide your feedback directly to our office.

17. PRICING QUOTE: Pricing quotes are based on average cleaning requirements for the size of home and level of build-up specified by you, and the additional information about your home and depth of cleaning requirements that you provided us at the time of your booking.

On cleaning day, should our staff experience above average cleaning requirements due to heavy build-up or additional rooms not mentioned at the time of the booking, additional time and charges will apply to complete the work. If we are unable to reach you to obtain approval, or if the required additional time needed is not granted, our staff will complete only what they can within the approved time and budget; in this case, our Satisfaction Guarantee will not apply.

Billing begins upon arrival and may include time spent finding parking, unloading supplies & equipment, and waiting for entry. Paid parking is an additional charge (based on actual cost) that is not included in our pricing quote.

18. DISCOUNTS: Hire A Maid may offer discounts for new service and for client referrals. Discounts cannot be combined and, except where a specific end date is provided, may be discontinued at any time without notice.

19. MAINTENANCE SERVICE PLAN SELECTION: For recurring service, Hire A Maid offers Basic and Premium Maintenance Plans. Our Premium Maintenance Plan is our most popular plan as it provides a comprehensive cleaning on every visit, and includes the removal of build-up from bathrooms, the kitchen and other surfaces that can occur in well-lived in homes and/or over longer time intervals.

The Basic Maintenance Plan is intended for light use and/or more frequent cleanings, and does not include build-up removal. Should you choose the Basic Maintenance Plan and our cleaning staff experience build-up after the initial deep cleaning, we will contact you to obtain approval for additional time to complete the cleaning; additional charges will apply. If we are unable to reach you or if the necessary additional time is not approved, our cleaner will do the best job they can within the time available and our Satisfaction Guarantee will not apply.

Additional work may be scheduled by you for our next visit, and future service and pricing customized to give your home the attention it requires.

For a complete list of what is included in our Basic and Premium Maintenance Plans, please see the Services section of our website.

20. CHANGES TO OUR SERVICES: Hire A Maid may add or remove features, products, or functionalities to its services without prior notice. Please refer to the Terms of Service section of our website from time to time for updates to our terms of service.

Should any part of these Terms of Service be deemed void, the affected provision will be severed from these Terms and will not affect the continuation and enforceability of the remaining Terms. A decision to not enforce a particular Term shall not constitute a waiver of that Term.