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How to Keep Your Home Clean When Working from Home

With working from home becoming increasingly popular and many companies switching to this model, it’s a dream come true for a lot of people. While some enjoy the convenience and time savings from the avoided commute, others miss the clear boundaries between work and home life. Either way, this widespread switch to remote work raises new challenges in the home.

When it comes to house cleaning, people in Toronto or other parts of the Greater Toronto Area who work from home will agree that spending more time at home means having the right environment to be productive and giving extra attention to cleaning those areas that now get more use. So, how do you keep your home clean while working from home, and why is it important? Read on to find out.


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How do I keep my house clean when working from home?

No matter your work hours, working from home changes the way we live and interact with our space. As a result, home maintenance routines may change as well. Let’s dive into the connection between remote work and your living environment and explore some practical tips for balancing working from home and housekeeping.


The impact of working from home

Handling your job duties from home means more time spent indoors. Unlike a traditional office, your living space becomes the center of all activities, from work to meals and relaxation. This constant use often leads to more mess and clutter and can make keeping the space tidy a challenge. 

You may find yourself dealing with more crumbs in the kitchen, clutter in the living room, and dust in your home office area. The first step in crafting a better, more balanced routine is recognizing how your work impacts your living environment.


How cleanliness affects your work

For most people, the cleanliness of a living space heavily affects their well-being, creativity, and productivity. Clutter and dirt can make you stressed, which in turn makes it harder to focus on tasks. In contrast, a tidy, hygienic space can boost productivity and enhance focus. And it’s not just about your physical health either. For example, house dust and allergens can make it hard for some people to even begin their workday.


Adapting your housekeeping routine

One of the biggest benefits of remote work is flexibility. You can use this to your advantage when it comes to home maintenance. Instead of dedicating a large chunk of time to tidying, you can now include quick cleaning sessions in your routine. For example, tidy up the kitchen in the morning, use breaks for decluttering, and save a little time in the evening for vacuuming.

This can prevent messes from building up and help you avoid the dreaded feeling of spending hours of your weekends scrubbing and mopping. Adapt your routine so home maintenance becomes a manageable part of your day.


Keeping your home office pristine

Whether it’s a separate room or a comfortable spot, your home office is in use for many hours each day and you should aim to keep it as tidy and hygienic as possible. Start by organizing your desk. Find a place for every item, and if needed, consider additional storage options like baskets, organizers, and such. To make upkeep easier, keep those essential cleaning supplies nearby. 

Electronics create static and attract dust, so use anti-static products on them regularly. And when it comes to your mouse, keyboard, and other frequently touched items, don’t forget to disinfect them often. Wipe your desk daily, and address all other surfaces and floors at least once a week. Always keep in mind that regular maintenance supports a more efficient workday.


Managing household dynamics

Working from home can blur the lines between professional and personal life, which can make it harder to balance your job and household duties. The solution is to establish clear boundaries and routines and communicate them to family members. 

Set specific times for work and home maintenance, use tools like calendars, to-do lists, and timers to stay organized and make sure you’re not neglecting anything. With a balanced schedule, it’ll be easier to maintain a pristine home and focus on work responsibilities.


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