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3 Common Housekeeping Mistakes to Avoid

Cleaning your home seems like a fairly simple process. Though it appears impossible to go wrong with mopping, dusting, and scrubbing, this isn’t always the case. Quite a few housekeeping mistakes can produce unwanted results.

Turning to an experienced cleaning service in the Greater Toronto area is a convenient solution. When tackling house cleaning chores yourself, you can avoid 3 of the most common cleaning mistakes by heeding our tips below. Let’s dive right in!


Where can I book detailed cleaning services in the Great Toronto AreaWhat are some usual mistakes people make while cleaning?

Watch out for these 3 common housekeeping pitfalls:


1. Skipping the sink & the oven

When was the last time you scrubbed your kitchen sink? Considering its frequent usage and contact with raw food, the sink should always be on your checklist for regular cleaning and disinfecting. Whether your sink has a standard drain or a disposal unit, failing to clean it properly is a surefire way to fill your kitchen with unpleasant odours and all sorts of bacteria.

People neglect keeping their ovens in good shape. Dirty ovens aren’t just visually unpleasant, they can cause other problems in your home. An oven that isn’t cleaned regularly may create:

  • A fire hazard – Dirty ovens can be a safety risk if the accumulation of food scraps and grease inside the oven cause smoke or even flames.
  • Changed flavours – Food may also be affected by an unclean oven. Your food, particularly baked goods like cookies or muffins, may taste different as a result of carbon-based fumes that are released when spills or crumbs build up and burn in the oven.
  • Bad smells – Filthy ovens also produce unwanted odours and contribute to poor indoor air quality in your home


2. Overlooking high-touch-surfaces

In an attempt to speed up their housekeeping, people often focus on the dirt they can see and neglect to deal with the surfaces that require frequent attention to keep their home safe.

Regularly disinfecting the high-touch surfaces in your home will help to prevent the spread of germs and make your living space healthier. Since each home is different, your habits and routines will determine which surfaces need the most attention. These are some examples of common high-touch areas:

  • Doorknobs
  • Sink faucets and knobs
  • Light switches
  • Table surfaces
  • Dining chairs
  • Kitchen counters
  • Bathroom counters
  • Toilets seats and flush handles
  • Buttons and handles on kitchen appliances


3. Neglecting the area under the furniture

The spaces that we don’t see underneath tables, chairs, sofas and beds still need to be cleaned. Take the time to inspect your furniture and you may be surprised to discover what’s hiding under the bed frames, chair seats, and other furniture around your home. Dirt, hair, and dust bunnies easily accumulate and should be vacuumed regularly. 

Although you’ll need a few extra minutes, do it twice a month to improve air quality. You may notice a difference right away if you suffer from dust related allergies.


cleaning services torontoWhere can I book detailed cleaning services in the Great Toronto Area? 

By contacting Hire A Maid, you can avoid all of these housekeeping mistakes. We’re a Canadian-owned company proudly serving the Greater Toronto Area. Since 2008, our experienced management team has built a reputation for delivering a high quality cleaning service that you can rely on. 

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