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The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Office Washrooms

Having a thoroughly sanitized workspace is not only pleasing to the eye, it has a positive impact on your company’s image and the health of your employees. Take a look at your office washroom, for example. Leaving it unattended will result in unsanitary conditions and create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs.

As reported by the Healthy Hand Washing Survey, 89% of people surveyed consider the condition of the washroom to be an indicator of a company’s attitudes toward its workforce. If you want to know how to keep your office washroom hygienic, below are five helpful tips from professionals who offer expert commercial cleaning services in Ajax and across Durham Region.

Who offers reliable commercial cleaning services in Ajax and the Greater Toronto AreaWhat is the best method for cleaning a washroom?

Keeping your office washroom safe and fresh requires attention to the following areas:

1. Don’t let trash cans overflow – Empty trash cans regularly to prevent lingering odours and a messy appearance.

2. Ensure that toilets are kept clean and disinfected as often as possible – Give toilets a good scrub inside and outside, paying close attention to the rim, seat and flush handle or button.

3. Wipe faucets, countertops, and mirrors to keep them spotless – Streak free mirrors and tidy counters in the washroom will present a clean space that encourages healthy hygiene habits like proper handwashing.

4. Don’t forget high-touch surfaces –  Be sure to disinfect all high-touch surfaces to prevent the spread of germs and help minimize illness.

5. Pay attention to the floor – Although last on the list, dirt and pathogens can adhere to floors as well and spread to other areas of the office. Use an effective cleaner to keep washroom floors sanitized.

Why is washroom hygiene important?

When it comes to health and hygiene in the workplace, washrooms are considered high-risk areas for the spread of viruses and pathogens, including norovirus, shigella, E. coli, and streptococcus. Public restrooms that do not receive proper maintenance cleaning are especially notorious for unsanitary conditions and obnoxious odours.

Toilet seats have long been blamed for spreading germs, however, there are many invisible threats lurking on door handles, light switches, toilet flushes, and even soap dispensers. All of these surfaces need to be part of your checklist for areas to sanitize and disinfect on a regular basis.

Why is washroom hygiene importantWho offers reliable commercial cleaning services in Ajax and the Greater Toronto Area?

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