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3 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean Your Home

It’s safe to say that not everyone enjoys cleaning. While most people would prefer to be doing other activities, house cleaning chores are unavoidable. For those who suffer from a chronic lack of motivation when it comes to regularly cleaning their home, this begs the question: apart from outsourcing your cleaning to an established maid service in York Region, is there another solution to this problem?

How do I motivate myself to clean

You bet there is! By planning out your housekeeping tasks beforehand and adopting a few helpful habits and motivational strategies, you can maintain a tidy home environment like a pro. Like the professional cleaners at Hire A Maid, you may even begin to enjoy cleaning your home!

How do I motivate myself to clean?

You need to think of cleaning as a marathon rather than a sprint. Dealing with a huge mess all at once shouldn’t be your goal. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you won’t be able to focus on getting things done. Try to break it down into manageable tasks that can be completed within the amount of time you have available. 

By reducing the number of chores you have to tackle each day, you’ll make it much easier for yourself to find the motivation to clean. After all, it’s easier to get motivated to do something when the task doesn’t seem as difficult. 

Where can I book a dependable maid service in York Region

Here are 3 strategies to help you get motivated:

1. Set the mood 

Listening to music that makes you feel good or catching up on your favourite podcast while you’re cleaning is a great way to make housecleaning something you can look forward to doing. Cleaning is also an excellent workout. Think of it as time well spent taking care of your home, your mind and your body!

2. Tackle one area at a time

If you only have 20 minutes to spare on a busy day, that’s not when you want to attempt to clean an entire room. You can, however, still get one chore done and feel good about it. Think of cleaning as work in progress. 

Chores you can do in 20 minutes or less:

      • Gather dirty dishes and soak them in the sink or load up the dishwasher 
      • Clean inside the microwave
      • Sweep or vacuum the room that needs it most
      • Empty all of the trash buckets and replace the liners
      • Wipe down the coffee table, TV stand or bookshelf in the living room
      • Put items that have been left out back in the drawers or cupboards where they belong

3. Share the work

If you don’t live alone, figure out creative ways to share the housework. We all have chores that we’re better at than others, or we don’t mind doing as much. Maybe you prefer tidying the kitchen after dinner, while someone else does laundry duty. If a member of your household is good at organizing, put them in charge of keeping the pantry or the family room organized. 

This approach may be easier said than done, but establishing a routine where everyone helps out will free up time to do some fun activities together, like visiting Crosby Park. Think of it as a reward for pitching in to help get the work done. 

Where can I book a dependable maid service in York Region?

Even with your best intentions, work and other responsibilities may not leave you with enough time or energy to achieve the level of cleanliness you want in your home. With the health and safety concerns of the coronavirus pandemic putting greater emphasis on the importance of sanitization to reduce the spread of germs, a professional cleaning service could save time and help you keep your home tidy and hygienic.

Hire A Maid can assist with a range of home maintenance cleaning services for residents of York Region. With more than 13 years of experience, we have the expertise to meet your every cleaning need. Contact us today to book your cleaning!