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Cleaning Checklists 101: How to Take Your Home Cleaning to the Next Level

Knowing how to optimize your cleaning routine is crucial when it comes to creating an enjoyable home environment and protecting your family’s health. This is particularly important if you hire professional house cleaning services in York Region, Ontario to help keep your home hygienic.

In this article, we’ll help you get the most out of your home cleaning by examining the comprehensive checklists used by reputable cleaning companies. This can help you achieve excellent results and ensure your home is always healthy and clean. Read on!

What is a good house cleaning routine?

Most homes need to be given maintenance cleaning on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This includes vacuuming, mopping, dusting, wiping down surfaces, and other regular cleaning tasks that are necessary to keep a house tidy.

The frequency of your regular cleanings may be determined by whether:

      • You have a large household.
      • Your household has active children or pets.
      • You live close to a major thoroughfare, near a construction site, or in an area that gets higher-than-usual dust and dirt buildup.
      • Someone in your household suffers from allergies (e.g. dust). 

To ensure lasting cleanliness, reputable cleaning companies recommend giving your home an extensive deep cleaning during their first visit. This is a thorough cleaning service that’s designed to tackle accumulated dirt in greater detail and prepare your place for regular maintenance visits.

What is a professional house cleaning checklist?

Successful cleaning companies create detailed cleaning checklists to ensure a client’s home is cleaned to meticulous hotel-like quality. These checklists can be further customized to meet a client’s needs by including occasional services such as cleaning inside appliances, cabinets or closets.

Here’s an example of a premium home maintenance cleaning checklist:

General housekeeping 

      • Vacuuming and mopping floors
      • Vacuuming floor coverings (rugs, carpets)
      • Cobweb removal
      • Cleaning windowsills, baseboards & ledges
      • Washing doors, door frames & window frames
      • Vacuuming window tracks
      • Dusting light fixtures
      • Wiping down door handles & switch plate covers
      • Emptying trash and recycling bins & replacing liners
      • Dusting shutters


      • Straightening linens
      • Vacuuming upholstery & under furniture
      • Dusting furniture, lampshades, picture frames, shelving, artwork & knick knacks

Living, dining and family room areas

      • Dusting furniture, electronics, artwork, shelving, picture frames & knick knacks
      • Vacuuming upholstery & under cushions
      • Vacuuming under furniture
      • Cleaning interior glass doors


      • Wiping down backsplash & countertops
      • Cleaning inside the microwave
      • Cleaning the outside of all appliances
      • Cleaning eat-in kitchen furniture
      • Cleaning drains, sinks & faucets with a toothbrush
      • Cleaning cabinet & drawer doors
      • Cleaning handprints on patio door glass
      • Wiping down open shelving & contents
      • Removing build-up on surfaces


      • Cleaning tile walls & grout
      • Cleaning bathtubs & showers
      • Cleaning and sanitizing toilets
      • Washing countertops
      • Wiping down door handles, switch plate covers, towel racks & paper holders
      • Cleaning and polishing chrome & mirrors
      • Dusting picture frames, shelving & toiletries
      • Washing the outside of cabinets & vanities
      • Vacuuming ceiling fans
      • Removing build-up on surfaces

Additional services (on request)

      • Cleaning inside kitchen cabinets & drawers
      • Cleaning inside bathroom cabinets & drawers
      • Cleaning inside closets
      • Cleaning inside large appliances (fridge, oven)
      • Sweeping porches or balconies
      • Washing walls
      • Replacing bed linens
      • Finished basement cleaning
      • Cleaning blinds
      • Removing heavy build-up

Where can I book dependable house cleaning services in York Region, Ontario?

Where can I book dependable house cleaning services in York Region, OntarioMany people are simply too busy with work, caring for family members or looking after pets, and other responsibilities to clean their home as often or as thoroughly as they would like. To say that COVID-19 has further complicated things would be a huge understatement. 

When dirt and clutter accumulate, it can be overwhelming and difficult to muster the motivation to clean. Hire A Maid can help solve this issue by providing you with comprehensive home maintenance cleaning services.

Let our reliable and hardworking cleaners perform a thorough cleaning of your home while you take care of other obligations or spend a relaxing afternoon at Lake Simcoe. Call us today to book your cleaning!