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Top 5 Tips For Keeping Your Kid’s Room Clean & Tidy

When it comes to maintaining a tidy and healthy home, house cleaning companies in the Greater Toronto Area are a lifesaver for many families. However, even with professional help, certain parts of our homes seem to attract messes more quickly than others. High on this list are the kids’ rooms and play areas.

Whether you’re looking for ways to ensure the cleanliness of these spaces in between visits from your trusted maid service or looking for some tips on how to best approach the task yourself, keep reading. Below, we’ll explore some tips on maintaining the tidiness and cleanliness of your children’s spaces.


How do I keep my child’s room tidy?

Keeping your child’s spaces tidy and dirt-free is about more than just the looks, it’s about instilling healthy habits, ensuring safety, and preparing them for the future. As children grow, their room becomes a playground, a study area, and a personal retreat. Let’s talk about some strategies to keep their areas tidy, allowing their spaces to grow with them.


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1. Wipe & disinfect regularly

Children are naturally adventurous, which means their rooms often turn into a canvas for play and imagination. This constant activity also means that they may be exposed to a world of dirt and germs, making regular upkeep and disinfection crucial. It’s especially important for young children who are in that phase of touching, and sometimes even tasting, everything in sight.

Make sure to regularly wipe all of their toys and surfaces in their space with a child-safe disinfectant. Always choose non-toxic chemicals that don’t compromise indoor air quality and leave no residue. This simple task keeps their environment safe and ready for new adventures.


2. Prevent clutter buildup

Play is essential for children’s development, but unfortunately, it often leads to clutter, which is both unsightly and attracts more dust and germs. But it’s not about stopping the play, it’s about managing it. One of the best ways to do this is by introducing baskets and bins to their spaces.

Place them strategically around the room or tuck them under their beds and in closets. These storage solutions should be easy to access, allowing both you and your kids to tidy up quickly and without much disruption to their play. This approach not only helps keep the space tidy, it also encourages kids to be part of the process.


3. Designate play areas

We’ve already established that messes are a normal part of play. The goal is not to prevent them from ever happening but to make managing them easier. One of the best ways to do this is to designate areas for different activities. 

Depending on your home and the child’s age and needs, this can mean setting up a playpen, an art station for crafts, or a special blanket for building blocks. Designated areas encourage creativity but also make upkeep much easier. Even in case of a mess, it’s going to be contained and may be more predictable, reducing the time you’ll need to address it.


4. Focus on routine & inclusion

A solid cleaning routine benefits both parents and children. Kids thrive on routine, and including them in home maintenance tasks can be both fun and educational. Depending on age, assign small tasks that they can work on while you’re doing your part of the chores. 

For example, encourage them to wipe a portion of the counter while you’re sprucing up the kitchen cabinets, or let them help tidy up the coffee table in the living room while you’re tackling the dust in those harder-to-reach areas. Most importantly, include them in the upkeep of their own spaces. Even if you generally rely on professional maid services, involving children in simple tasks fosters healthy habits and a sense of accomplishment.


5. Promptly address messes

Life is full of little surprises, like the sudden appearance of a juice spill or a small tornado of toys. Messes and disarray are inevitable, but dealing with them promptly prevents long-term stains and clutter buildup. 

Keep your supplies on hand to easily handle these accidents, but also teach the kids that cleaning up isn’t a punishment, it’s a part of the game. Whether it’s tidying up books or managing a craft explosion, addressing these little messes promptly keeps the room welcoming and reduces the workload for the more thorough deep cleaning sessions.


Which of the house cleaning companies in the Greater Toronto Area is the best choice for the upkeep of my kids’ rooms?

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As you apply these tips for maintaining your children’s rooms, remember that a helping hand is always within reach. Hire A Maid stands ready to assist families across the Greater Toronto area, whether you’re in Riverdale or another local community. 

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