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6-Step Guide for Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets

Regular kitchen cleaning is a vital part of home maintenance, whether you choose to tackle it by yourself or enlist the help of house cleaning services in Toronto. This hub of activity often falls prey to a cocktail of food particles, food-borne bacteria, smears, and grease, which makes meticulous care crucial.

Focusing on the upkeep of your kitchen cabinets is a great starting point. Whether you’re gearing up to tackle this task on your own or simply seeking insights into the process, the guide below provides a detailed, step-by-step approach to cleaning your kitchen cabinets.


What is the best way to clean kitchen cabinets?

Your cabinets may not get as visibly dirty as the stove, countertop, or appliances, but over time, they do accumulate a lot of grime both outside and inside. Below, we’ll walk you through effective techniques and strategies to help you transform your cluttered and grimy cabinets into a realm of cleanliness and order with ease:


1. Setting up the area & supplies

Begin the task by first gathering your supplies and preparing the area. You’ll likely just need a duster, soft cloths, a small brush, your preferred product or solution, and a step ladder. To prepare the area, ensure good ventilation and protect nearby surfaces from potential spills.


2. Emptying the cabinets

Next, it’s time to empty the cabinets. While this step is not necessary during a daily spruce-up where you just wipe the outsides, now we’ll dive deeper. Place everything in a secure place out of the way, but don’t focus on organizing anything during this step. This is a perfect opportunity to tidy up and sort everything, but for now, just putting things away is enough.


3. Tackling the dust & particles

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With cabinets empty, it’s time to dive into sprucing them up, and dusting is the first task on the list. If your vacuum allows, use the soft bristle attachment to do a first pass of the shelves and drawers to remove any accumulated particles or bits. Next, use a soft cloth to do a second pass and carefully remove dust from all surfaces. Pay special attention to those areas that are often overlooked during regular dusting, such as the tops of the cabinets and woodwork or crevices.


4. Addressing the interior

It’s time to take your cloth and cleaning solution to tackle the insides of your kitchen furniture. We recommend microfibre cloths to make quick work of loosening dirt and spills. Wipe all interior surfaces, and pay special attention to grimy spots, corners, the backs of deep cabinets, and under the shelves. A small brush or a toothbrush is ideal for getting into crevices and corners.


5. Cleaning the exterior

Mix a solution of warm water and a mild product for the exterior of the cabinets. Wipe down doors, handles, and outer surfaces with a damp cloth, but be careful not to saturate the wood. For stubborn grime, use a non-abrasive cleaner – just be careful to use it safely and gently scrub to avoid damaging the surfaces.


6. Putting the items back

Now that your cabinets are pristine, it’s time to strategically replace their contents. Take time to organize the items thoughtfully, considering the most practical placement for each. Preventing clutter depends heavily on ensuring things are conveniently placed, whether you’re organizing your spice drawer or tidying up your children’s rooms.



6-Step Guide for Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets

Where can I find professional house cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area?

If fitting these kitchen cabinet cleaning steps into your hectic schedule seems daunting, or if you simply prefer a professional touch for your home, Hire A Maid is here to assist. As a trusted provider of home maintenance solutions since 2008, Hire A Maid serves a wide range of locations from Downtown Toronto to Richmond Hill and beyond. 

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