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5 Areas in Your Home That Should Be Dusted More Often

Dusting is one of those crucial home maintenance tasks that can sometimes feel quite overwhelming. One of the reasons is that unlike dirt, spills, and clutter, which can be somewhat prevented, stopping dust from appearing is impossible. However, there are techniques that make managing it easier.  

If you ask any of the reputable maid services in the Greater Toronto Area, they’ll tell you that controlling dust in the home relies on consistency and knowing where to look for hidden dust. Whether you choose to do it yourself or leave it to the experts, the following guide will help you identify areas in your home that are often forgotten during regular dusting.


Where does dust hide in a house?

Being one of those seemingly never-ending chores, dusting is vital for both the look and health of your home and family. However, not all dusting is the same. Simply addressing visible surfaces may make your home look good for the moment, but it’s often not enough.

Dust and dust mites are known to trigger allergies, and are often irritants even to individuals that don’t suffer from them. Plus, if hidden spots remain dusty, even the most visible areas will accumulate dust more quickly as airflow in the home may cause it to migrate. Let’s explore these hidden spots in more detail:


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1. Around appliances & electronics

Recognizing the common challenge, moving appliances and electronics to clean around them isn’t always easy. However, you should keep in mind that these items may attract more dust due to static electricity. When it comes to spaces behind and under kitchen appliances, as well as around electronics throughout the house, you should dust them as often as you can to prevent accumulation.


2. Tops of wardrobes & cabinets

Often, these areas are forgotten except during those really deep cleaning sessions. Their elevated position makes them hard to reach, yet they attract and even disperse dust downwards, affecting visible surfaces. Remember, when cleaning your kitchen cabinets or dusting the living room, to include their tops. 


3. Small & overlooked areas

Besides elevated flat surfaces and hidden spaces around appliances, there are smaller areas around the house that are often neglected. Tops of doors, window frames, corners, ceiling edges, and baseboards may not seem significant, but collectively, they can accumulate a substantial amount of dust.


4. Fans, fixtures & blinds

Similarly, these overlooked areas collect dust because they may be out of direct sight and reach. Ceiling fans can spread dust across the room when in use, and blinds, with their frequent up-and-down motion, also contribute to the distribution. When it comes to lighting fixtures, these may not be actively dispersing dust, but these tend to easily accumulate layers that can diminish their looks and brightness.


5. Everyday items

Dust settles on nearly everything – from picture frames and collectibles to laptops and plants. Addressing these items regularly is important, but prevention is key. Minimizing clutter and providing proper storage, like drawers, baskets, and bins, can reduce dust accumulation. It’s best to store items in designated areas unless you’re actively using them. More importantly, try to establish a routine that maintains clean and clutter-free spaces in your kids’ rooms, your bedroom, and other areas of the house.


Where do I hire dependable maid services in the Greater Toronto Area for help with tackling dust in my home?

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